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Media Displays - revolutionising outdoor advertising by bringing billboards into the digital world.

With our digital advans (digi vans), TV bikes and static LED screens you can take your message directly to your audience, either at a static location or on the move.

Our fleet of digital advertising vehicles includes big outdoor TV screens (digi vans), and our nimble non-motorised TV bikes, with two street level screens. The whole marketing range combines true town and city mobility with the latest digital LED screen technologies for outdoor advertising displays.

A digi-van at Scotland Yard attends a press launch for the Metropolitan Police before it goes on the road A fully branded TV-Bike targets a heavy stream of sports fans leaving the stadium on match day Metro advertise their services on a digi-van strategically placed at key travel hot spots

Allow your audience to feel truly connected to your advertising campaign or event by displaying pre-defined text, graphics and video, or real time streams of video, sound and interactive content on any of our screens. Our in-house design team will work with you to get everything just right.

Grosvener Casino target local students in town on a Friday night Our larger LED screens are perfect for displaying events to large crowds Digi-Vans seek out potential Asda customers in busy town centres

Be unique, be bold and make your media message mobile.


digi-vans in action

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Digi-Vans Search For Missing Magdelana

Digi-Van A digi-van joins the search for missing Magdelana Charciarek, displaying a plea for information in both her native language Polish, and English.

15/10/15 view

Ant & Dec At It Again...

Digi-Van After the success with our digi-vans last year we tour the country for Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

23/02/15 view

Stagecoach Supertram Is Back

Digi-Van 20m screens spread the good news that the Sheffield Supertram is back in action.

24/10/14 watch the video

Ann Maguire Memorial Service

Digi-Van We were honoured to support the service today with digi-vans and indoor screens, fed by our camera teams and pre produced content.

29/09/14 view the story on BBC news

More First Capital Connect TV-Bikes

Digi-Van First continue to utilise TV-Bikes in various towns and cities as part of their national advertising campaigns.

21/07/14 watch the video

'Better Together' Campaign

Digi-Van A 20m Digi-van and Alistair Darling campaign for a 'No' vote.

15/05/14 view video/article

Spring Promotions With First

Digi-Van Our promo people and advertising TV-Bikes pair up this spring in various town and city centres.

05/05/14view image

Anti-Shoplifting Initiative

Digi-Van Digi-vans show CCTV footage to shame offenders in their own community as part of C5's 'It Takes A Thief To To Catch A Thief'.

21/03/14watch video

20m Screen on Ant & Dec

Digi-Van ITV utilise our mobile screens in more innovative ways taking their show on the road - live!

11/03/14watch video

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Digi-Vans are 6.4x more effective than standard ad vans.

LED screens are bright and they work in any light condition, even direct sunlight, unlike projector screen vehicles.

Mobile TV vehicles can target people on the move, in any town or city centre.

All TV Vehicles have the latest technology onboard, including content streaming, GPS, satellite receivers, & Bluetooth transmitters.

They can achieve mass market targeting, or can reach highly defined customer segments, with creative, dynamic and captivating marketing.